Twin sisters Plum and Holly Zeitman are two creative young women who become unlikely Cinderellas when their nuclear physicist dad accidentally invents a time machine in their garage.  

The financially pinched girls are in an nasty competition to lead next year’s Holiday Ball.    Now they have a chance stand up to— and show up— a trio of rich, bullying seniors who disdain their creative use of vintage fashions inherited from their mom.   Plum and Holly want to create fashion, not merely consume it, along with publish their own fashion blog.  With their new look they’re now mini celebrities with a lock on throwing the creative party for the whole school they’ve long dreamed about. 

Little do they know that their dad’s grants have run out:  they’ve about to be homeless at Christmas!   Then their dad, Bill, discovers he’s accidentally invented a portal in time.  When he reveals his discovery and offers to show them ancient Pompeii for a class project, none of them can resist rescuing things destroyed in Mount Vesuvius’s explosion.  One rescue of things destroyed in the past quickly leads to another, especially after Barney’s Beverly Hills catches on fire— the girls eagerly go “shopping” in the recent past. 

Chaos ensues when Bill goes back in the past to find out what happened to a classic screen actress and a mysterious police detective kidnaps Holly and Plum!  The solution is a hilarious scheme to buy their way back  home for Christmas— shopping may have gotten them into trouble, but only shopping can get them out it!    

Amy Fate has brilliantly tapped into our collective consumer consciousness to deliver a holiday novel of our debt-ridden-mortgage foreclosed times—and a pair of heroines who rise to adversity as creatively as their fashions.   Destined to be a Christmas story classic!

About Amy Fate

A native of upstate New York, Timeshoppers  is the first of three humorous Christmas stories Amy is writing on Bill, Plum and Holly Zeitman.  She expects to complete Up On The Housetop, the second of these comic Christmas novels, in 2012.

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When a lonely nuclear physicist accidentally invents a time machine, his teenage daughters use it to go shopping!

An hilarious Christmas comedy of love & romance, family & friendship, creativity & beauty.

Happy Holidays

from Amy Fate!

A New Funny Christmas Book

by Amy Fate


Category: Christmas Fiction


  1. General Audiences

  2. YA— Young Adult  or Teens

The first of three humorous Christmas Comedy Novels in the Timeshoppers series.

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