The Hudson Press is a 21st century technology enterprise that cuts across a unusually wide and very divergent range of cultural, literary, social and organizational categories. 

Publisher and Executive Editor Larry Dudley brings such a diversity of skills to the press.  Necessarily an author himself as a publisher, Dudley has at times worked for a museum, a radiotelescope observatory, been a professional political campaign manager, and was the lead reviewer for the Saratogian newspaper covering venues like the Saratoga Performing Arts Center and its resident companies: the New York City Ballet, The New York City Opera, the Philadelphia Orchestra, The National Shakespeare Festival, as well as other venues like the Lake George Opera Festival and the Luzerne Music Festival.  

An early Internet adopter, he created one of the first political advocacy websites in the nation in 1994.   He subsequently became a Flash animator and was the only Flash animator in upstate New York invited to the first Flash Forward Conference in San Francisco, in 2000.  

Dudley studied film at NYU, is a cofounder of Bardic Films, a digital film production  company, and has written several screenplays.  


Larry Dudley

    Publisher and Editor-In-Chief

K. Elan Jung, MD, Consultant and Associate Editor, also brings a wide set of skills to the Hudson Press.   A practicing psychiatrist, he has also been a  professor at the Albany Medical College, and a published research scientist working in the psychiatric and psychopharmaceutical field.

He is also a successful business entrepreneur, investor and a patent-holding inventor as well as the author of a screenplay, Primal Scream.  

His medical experience is also diverse: he is a veteran of the Vietnam War, a former combat surgeon, emergency room doctor, general surgeon as well as a family practitioner before entering psychiatry. 

He will consult with The Hudson Press on business, financial, scientific and literary matters.

K. Elan Jung

    Consultant and Associate Editor