The United States is being torn apart by a Cold Civil War. Our national government is paralyzed, broken. No other industrial democracy has internal divisions remotely comparable to the US. 

The conventional political solutions have failed because they simply miss the point. As Steve Jobs said, we have to “think different.”

In The Minds Of The People: Ending America’s Cold Civil War describes a new way to look at America’s divisions.

What’s it about:

Anthropologist Edward S. Hall once wrote culture is the things people take for granted.  For instance, conservatives take it for granted society is modeled on family, not community.    

Fortunately, the things people take for granted— and their culture— do change.  Think for a moment about our attitudes towards gay, lesbian and transgender Americans. Not long ago they were outcasts.  That was taken for granted, part of our culture. Then we began telling a different story about gay, lesbian and transgender people — not about sex, but love and marriage.  Now most Americans see being gay or transgender as simply another normal human variation, like having red hair or being left handed.

That great shift proves the things people take for granted can change. That changes the culture.  Political change then naturally happens on its own.  And quickly.  

In The Minds of the People describes this kind of "thinking differently" about politics and culture.  

Now With Special Afterword On The NSA-Prism Spy Scandal

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In The Minds of the People


In The Minds of the People

Ending America’s Cold Civil War


                   by Larry Dudley

With special foreword by Jim Dean, Chair of

Democracy For America.

“Larry has authored a book that describes and prescribes the biggest challenges that face any of us who believe in changing our Country and restoring the real pillars of its success.  This is especially relevant for DFA and like communities who are committed to change….  We believe in the political process and will always fight for better leadership.  But the real challenge is about something much bigger, the way we and others think, and the difference between thought, action, real change, and change at the margins….   no matter what happens in November, the real revolution — the one that exists in all of us — is just getting started.”  

  1. Ending our divisions and the Cold Civil War is not about beating anyone or who wins what election— if any of our fellow Americans feels they’ve lost, we all lose. Instead, we want people to feel liberated, that they’re really the winners.

  2. The political conflict tearing Washington apart reflects cultural differences in the country itself, it’s not just “those people” in Washington— someone sent them there.

  3. Culture determines the political choices people make. We’re not witnessing a political clash, we’re witnessing a cultural clash.

  4. Culture is changed by changing the stories people tell.

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