In June 1940, at the very moment the Nazis enter Paris, Anglo-American MI6 agent Roy Hawkins receives orders rushing him to 48 Land—British Intelligence’s slang for the U.S. and its  48 states.  Shaken by the fall of France, angered by the failure to head off the Nazis and fighting burnout, Hawkins learns Britain now wants him undercover as an agent in his father’s country.  Outraged, he initially refuses– but agrees to take one temporary assignment.  Always on guard, forced to make himself a stranger in a land he sees as home, Hawkins finds the America he knew is now an alien, topsy-turvey place obsessed with “Fortress America” and a powerful right wing on the rise.   His alienation deepens when he trails a Nazi agent to the elite Saratoga racing meet, discovers rot beneath the glamor and glitter, and is tempted to walk away with a beautiful socialite.  But then he discovers a secret that forces him to chose  between love and duty, only to realize the two are the same.


Forty-Eight Land

by Larry Dudley

A graduate of New York University, Larry Dudley has had a variety of careers:  he’s been the assistant curator of a museum, worked for a radio telescope observatory, been the lead reviewer and feature writer for the Saratogian newspaper, covering the Saratoga Performing Arts Center and the New York City Ballet and Opera, a web designer and media consultant, a professional political campaign manager, and is a partner in Bardic Films, a digital film and video company.

Forty-Eight Land is the first in a series of books on Roy Hawkins. 

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