A Challenge Not Destiny - a guide to empowering and healing from sexual abuse & PTSD, by Prof. K. Elan Jung, MD, is a roadmap to recovery for the survivors, families and friends of sexual abuse and sexual trauma.  A revolutionary revisioning of society's approach to sexual abuse and sexual trauma, A Challenge Not Destiny reassures survivors of sexual abuse and sexual trauma that they are not alone, that there is hope and lays out a clear and explanatory roadmap showing what survivors need to do to take charge of their lives and master what has happened to them and not be masted by it.   As a former surgeon  he also connects the dots between great stresses caused by psychiatric problems and the many physical illnesses survivors suffer.

A Challenge Not Destiny tells the stories of many famous survivors of sexual abuse and sexual trauma, inspirational examples of people who have triumphed over sexual abuse and sexual trauma, chronicling how they have changed our world.  Many of these famous victims were able to harness what happened to them, transforming trauma to give them unique powers, drives and abilities.

Prof. Jung details how survivors are suffering from a specific kind of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and that a specific type of psychotherapeutic process is needed, assisted by the use of medication, when necessary.   He then delves into how trends in modern psychiatry, including those driven by the cost management practices of insurers like HMOs, ill serve sexual abuse and trauma survivors.   The biological aspects of the changes wrought by sexual abuse and trauma are not neglected, and Prof. Jung ends with practical advice for survivors, parents and professionals.

A Challenge Not Destiny

a guide to empowering and healing

from sexual abuse & PTSD

by Prof. K. Elan Jung, MD

Prof. K. Elan Jung, MD, has been a practicing psychiatrist, treating patients on a daily basis, for almost forty years and a researcher and professor of psychiatry at The Albany Medical College. 

Prof. Jung was also a military combat surgeon in Vietnam, dealing with battle casualties and combat fatigue cases on a daily basis, and then an emergency room physician, surgeon and general practitioner in civilian life.  This diverse background is highly unusual, if not nearly unique, for a psychiatrist: doctors rarely cross over these disciplines.  This broad, interdisciplinary experience is part of the revolutionary perspective Prof. Jung brings to the treatment of sexual trauma caused by sexual abuse: an unique insight on how the tremendous stresses of sexual trauma also drives many serious physical illnesses.  Prof. Jung connects the dots, for most people, even professionals, for the first time.

The honors he has received include New York Physician of the Year, 2006, Congressional medal of distinction, 2006, Americas Top Psychiatrists Award, 2005, 2006, New York State Senate Liberty Award, 2009, and The Leading Physicians of the World, 2009. 

He has written and presented papers at scientific conferences.  He practices in Queensbury, New York.   His other writing interests include a screenplay he has written, Primal Scream.

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